New Zealand recycles old computers for free

New Zealand recycles old computers for free

Saturday, September 2nd, Wellington held a computer recycling day for free hosted by computer maker, Dell. Now Auckland is looking to host one of their own.

During the recycling day, sponsored by Environment Ministry and Computer Access New Zealand Trust, Dell New Zealand took in more than 30 tonnes of obsolete equipment by 1,200 people at Wellington's Westpac Stadium. Instead of the equipment going to a landfill where it is unable to decompose and will leak chemicals into the ground, 97% of all equipment collected will be recycled.

Susan McGregor, an Auckland City Council spokesperson, said: "There is a regional forum looking into waste disposal; but to date there is only a scheme for hazardous material to be collected separately by the council. It [the council] would welcome computer companies taking some responsibility for disposing of old computer ware."

Dell has indicated it will hold another PC clean up next year.

According to Dell, out of the 6.3 million New Zealand computers, 250,000 of them are old and obsolete, mainly because most computer owners, according to a survey, will upgrade their computers every two to five years.

Sydney, Australia had recently hosted one of their own computer recycling days; however Wellington's event was four times more successful.

September 4, 2019
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