GoGreen Announces record growth in H1

After a historically successful first quarter, GoGreen's rapid growth continues in H1.

Following a historically successful first quarter, GoGreen today announced an unprecedentedly successful half year-- with revenue increases of over 250%.

With a majority of growth in the United States, GoGreen has made major strides in the North American market, while also demonstrating solid growth in other target regions.  Notable North American location openings include Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Austin. The company has also generated new business in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Finland.

“This has been a groundbreaking half year for GoGreen,” notes CEO Robert Greene. “We’re proud to see so many customers recognizing their own eco-friendly values in GoGreen’s philosophy.  The World is changing, and customers now expect businesses that align with their values, and with the good of the planet—we’re glad to be bringing sustainable products to these new markets.”

September 17, 2019