Laptop Sleeves - Neogreene

Laptop Sleeves - Neogreene

Love the squishy feel of neoprene, but hate toxins like VOCs? The green revolution continues with Neogreene, a ground-breaking material that uses the best qualities of neoprene while getting rid of the toxic glues that used to be necessary for holding the material together!

GreenSmart abandoned the chloroprene chemistry of neoprene entirely and developed a material with all the attributes without the hazards. It's water based chemistry that allows for water based adhesives that still provides the squishy and smooth material with a little bit of stretch. As a bonus, Neogreene uses 25% less electricity and 25% less petroleum to produce than neoprene.

There is more to a sleeve than meets the eye. This laptop sleeve has 4mm walls for optimal protection and minimum weight, and a specially designed gusset and mesh interior.

Ever think about putting your hot laptop in an insulated sleeve? Now your laptop will cool down that much faster. The neogreene is waterproof, too, so if you spill on the outside, no problem. Easy to grab zipper pulls (2, by the way) complete this far from ordinary sleeve.

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