CTI Solar Oven

This unique device uses a curved reflective mirror instead of a parabolic one to evenly heat up the food.


Aladdin Recycled and Recyclable 16-Ounce Mug

Use it, Love it, Recycle it. Introducing the newest member of the Aladdin Sustain Collection – the Recycled & Recyclable Mug. Made from eCycle™ a food-grade safe recycle plastic material which can also be recycled, this mug is designed to keep you, and the earth happy.


Govino Shatterproof Recyclable Stemless Wine Glasses

Shatterproof, Elegant, Reusable...and Recyclable! This is the ultimate go anywhere, reusable, ergonomic stemless wine glass.


Promotional 16 oz Recyclable Aluminum Bottle

16oz Aluminum Bottle with twist-off, finger-loop cap and carabiner. Stronger than glass, safer than plastic. Set your business environmentally apart by supplying your employees with these recyclable aluminum drinkholders.


Solio Magnesium Solar Charger

Sleek, compact design fans into a flowerlike shape, ready to collect the sun's energy; just place in the light and Solio begins to charge.


Color changing Solar Lights

Okay, it's not magic, but these enchanting solar-powered spheres contain LEDs that gently cycle through various hypnotic colors.


Sustainable Wood iPod Sound System

Vers has taken the popularity of the ipod and crafted a beautiful, brilliant-sounding system that makes a minimal impact on the environment. Made from sustainable, plantation-grown wood (without toxic chemicals or heavy metals) this stereo system amplifies digital music. Each system is unique, finished by hand, and takes over a week to build.


Eco60-Air Purification Device

The Airfree Eco60 version of the World’s Safest and Most Tested Air Purifier. It purifies a volume of 60 Cubic Metres but only uses 45 Watts of electricity. Airfree® TSS™ technology uses heated air to destroy airborne mould, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and pollen allergens. It is a great product for people living with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions.


Hemp Shower Curtain

This Hemp Shower curtain transforms your bathroom environment by bringing nature into your everyday life! Hemp shower curtains are a beautiful, soft, subtly aromatic and a healthy alternative to conventional vinyl shower curtains, which off-gas toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health and contribute to indoor air pollution. These hemp shower curtains, unlike vinyl, can be machine washed. After washing, simply hang the curtain back on its grommets to dry. Wrinkles will disappear from the humidity produced while you're showering!