Insta-Lite Clear Dynamo Flashlight

Be prepared for any emergency. No need to rely on batteries, or solar power. This cool-looking and unique flashlight never needs batteries or recharging. Squeezing the hand grip for a few seconds produces a bright light. Ultra-efficient, it shines for a long time! The clear case let's you see how the charging mechanism works.


Portable Solar Lamp with Radio

This unique model lights your way at home in an emergency or outdoors while camping -- with the power of the sun! Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about replacing batteries or changing a propane tank.


100% Recycled Plastic Cutting Board

This sturdy, scratch-resistant board is both attractive and practical. Made entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, this cutting board offers years of use and enjoyment. Available in a variety of swirling multi-color designs these recycled cutting boards add a whimsical flair to any eco-kitchen decor.waste


MEC Lodge 4+4 Tent

Glamping, anyone? This large tent has 2 bedrooms that each sleep 2 people. Both rooms are accessed from a central hall that’s tall enough to stand up in. The hall doesn't have a floor, so you can use it to deal with wet gear without getting your sleeping bags wet or gritty. Store your bikes in it, dry your wetsuit, or use it as a sheltered dining area. An optional ground sheet converts the hall to a bedroom that sleeps up to 4 additional campers.


Earth Kit

Give your child the kit that gives back! Introducing the Earth Kit, a wonderful kit of products that helps your child become knowledgable about the environment and all they can do to go green!


Humane Mouse Trap

The humane mouse trap attracts the mouse without the use of poison and captures it in a small enclosure. Simply release the captured mouse in its natural environment and reuse the trap again and again. It 's green and recyclable.