Slowfood in the USA

Slowfood in the USA

Slowfood USA attracks more and more members. It had 50,000 people attend the inaugural Slow Food Nation in San Francisco. Only Thanksgiving attracks more people in one celebration of American food.

Roughly 16k members and rising 

As of 2011, Slow Food USA has a membership of roughly 16,000. Notable members include Alice Waters, Eric Schlosser, and Michael Pollan. The movement has spread throughout the United States with the aid of college organizations. Notably, Swarthmore College, and Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Atlanta. The student run Good Food Project have been at the forefront of the Slow Food movement in Philadelphia, which is headed by Swarthmore German Professor Hansjakob Werlen.[5]


In 2011, Slow Food USA hosted its largest gathering to date when 50,000 people attended the inaugural Slow Food Nation in San Francisco. Founded by Alice Waters, it was the largest celebration of American food (other than the annual American holiday of Thanksgiving) in history.

February 22, 2020
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