Green Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Keep your produce away from plastic! Made from 100% recycled mesh. These are great for produce, farmers markets, and bulk foods. Thin enough to know what is inside, strong enough to use them over and over! Never bring home a plastic bag again! Get into the habit!


Organic Cotton Tidy Dish Cloths 3-pack

100% organic cotton Loops provide texture for scrubbing Absorbent and durable


Hands Free Faucet Adapter

This infrared sensor faucet adapter makes any standard bathroom or kitchen faucet fully automated in 5 minutes. Simply remove the aerator and connect the touch-free faucet in its place. Powered by 4 AAA batteries that last up to 18 months. You will experience up to 70% of water savings!


CTI Solar Oven

This unique device uses a curved reflective mirror instead of a parabolic one to evenly heat up the food.


Aladdin Recycled and Recyclable 16-Ounce Mug

Use it, Love it, Recycle it. Introducing the newest member of the Aladdin Sustain Collection – the Recycled & Recyclable Mug. Made from eCycle™ a food-grade safe recycle plastic material which can also be recycled, this mug is designed to keep you, and the earth happy.


Govino Shatterproof Recyclable Stemless Wine Glasses

Shatterproof, Elegant, Reusable...and Recyclable! This is the ultimate go anywhere, reusable, ergonomic stemless wine glass.


100% Recycled Plastic Cutting Board

This sturdy, scratch-resistant board is both attractive and practical. Made entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, this cutting board offers years of use and enjoyment. Available in a variety of swirling multi-color designs these recycled cutting boards add a whimsical flair to any eco-kitchen decor.waste

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