ORBIS 100% Recyclable FliPak Totes

Durable, reusable ORBIS 100% Recyclable FliPak Totes include handles that ease lifting, are automation compatible with lifting slots and have interrupted hinges for ease of banding.


Penguin Squeezy Kinetic Torch

These fun eco torches for the kids are hand-squeezing kinetic flashlights in the shape of a penguin. Great for teaching about self generating energy and how not to use batteries. Power is generated by releasing the wing of the creature and squeezing it.


Govino Shatterproof Recyclable Stemless Wine Glasses

Shatterproof, Elegant, Reusable...and Recyclable! This is the ultimate go anywhere, reusable, ergonomic stemless wine glass.


Promotional 16 oz Recyclable Aluminum Bottle

16oz Aluminum Bottle with twist-off, finger-loop cap and carabiner. Stronger than glass, safer than plastic. Set your business environmentally apart by supplying your employees with these recyclable aluminum drinkholders.

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