LowePro Terraclime 50

Terraclime is a soft-sided, multi-purpose pouch made of over 95% recycled materials.


CTI Solar Oven

This unique device uses a curved reflective mirror instead of a parabolic one to evenly heat up the food.


Promotional 16 oz Recyclable Aluminum Bottle

16oz Aluminum Bottle with twist-off, finger-loop cap and carabiner. Stronger than glass, safer than plastic. Set your business environmentally apart by supplying your employees with these recyclable aluminum drinkholders.


Insta-Lite Clear Dynamo Flashlight

Be prepared for any emergency. No need to rely on batteries, or solar power. This cool-looking and unique flashlight never needs batteries or recharging. Squeezing the hand grip for a few seconds produces a bright light. Ultra-efficient, it shines for a long time! The clear case let's you see how the charging mechanism works.


MEC Lodge 4+4 Tent

Glamping, anyone? This large tent has 2 bedrooms that each sleep 2 people. Both rooms are accessed from a central hall that’s tall enough to stand up in. The hall doesn't have a floor, so you can use it to deal with wet gear without getting your sleeping bags wet or gritty. Store your bikes in it, dry your wetsuit, or use it as a sheltered dining area. An optional ground sheet converts the hall to a bedroom that sleeps up to 4 additional campers.

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