Solar Centurian - Outdoor Security Light

Light up your night with a solar powered, motion detected outdoor security light!


Gard'n Gro Filter

Chlorine is designed to kill living organisms that contaminate your water source. But your plants rely on some of those fungi and bacteria to survive and thrive. This portable unit attaches to your garden spigot and eliminates the harsh toxic effects of chlorine that would otherwise compromise the health of your garden. Use the Gard'n Gro to enhance the effectiveness of non-chemical pest control methods and protect ladybugs, lacewings, and beneficial nematodes. Comes with replaceable cartridge filters that last 20,000 gallons. Also available are replacement cartridge filters and pre-filter, which extends the life of the filters by trapping sediment before it reaches the filter.


Banana paper Business cards

Banana paper business cards add a unique touch to any business card. Sending a message of sustainability and professionalism that will surely not be put on the back burner. Ecopaper is proud to produce only the finest in tree free papers join us in our quest for sustainability by offering business cards from banana papers.


Hands Free Faucet Adapter

This infrared sensor faucet adapter makes any standard bathroom or kitchen faucet fully automated in 5 minutes. Simply remove the aerator and connect the touch-free faucet in its place. Powered by 4 AAA batteries that last up to 18 months. You will experience up to 70% of water savings!


Hemp Shower Curtain

This Hemp Shower curtain transforms your bathroom environment by bringing nature into your everyday life! Hemp shower curtains are a beautiful, soft, subtly aromatic and a healthy alternative to conventional vinyl shower curtains, which off-gas toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health and contribute to indoor air pollution. These hemp shower curtains, unlike vinyl, can be machine washed. After washing, simply hang the curtain back on its grommets to dry. Wrinkles will disappear from the humidity produced while you're showering!


Earth Kit

Give your child the kit that gives back! Introducing the Earth Kit, a wonderful kit of products that helps your child become knowledgable about the environment and all they can do to go green!

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