Solar Centurian - Outdoor Security Light

Light up your night with a solar powered, motion detected outdoor security light!


Imprinted Herb garden in recyclable tin potter

Grow herbs right at your desk or on your windowsill. Recyclable tin potter will brighten your office adding oxygen to the environment.


Gard'n Gro Filter

Chlorine is designed to kill living organisms that contaminate your water source. But your plants rely on some of those fungi and bacteria to survive and thrive. This portable unit attaches to your garden spigot and eliminates the harsh toxic effects of chlorine that would otherwise compromise the health of your garden. Use the Gard'n Gro to enhance the effectiveness of non-chemical pest control methods and protect ladybugs, lacewings, and beneficial nematodes. Comes with replaceable cartridge filters that last 20,000 gallons. Also available are replacement cartridge filters and pre-filter, which extends the life of the filters by trapping sediment before it reaches the filter.


LifeProof nüüd iPad Air Case

Get full protection for your phone in any wet, dirty or damp setting.The nuud case armours your iPad Air without putting anything between your fingertips and the touchscreen. An optical glass lens lets you see and use the screen with crystal clarity.


Laptop Sleeves - Neogreene

Love the squishy feel of neoprene, but hate toxins like VOCs? The green revolution continues with Neogreene, a ground-breaking material that uses the best qualities of neoprene while getting rid of the toxic glues that used to be necessary for holding the material together!


Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit

Charge your stuff directly from the sun’s power or bank it for a cloudy day. The weather-resistant solar panel connects to your USB/12V gear or to the 4 AA batteries in the Guide 10 Plus recharger.


LowePro Terraclime 50

Terraclime is a soft-sided, multi-purpose pouch made of over 95% recycled materials.


Green Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Keep your produce away from plastic! Made from 100% recycled mesh. These are great for produce, farmers markets, and bulk foods. Thin enough to know what is inside, strong enough to use them over and over! Never bring home a plastic bag again! Get into the habit!


Post Consumer 3 Ring Binder 3 in. Spine

These recycled binders are very durable and more resistant to spine-tearing than the traditional vinyl binders. It is truly recyclable and reusable because it is a corrugated cardboard binder. Vinyl binders are neither recyclable nor reusable.