Green shoes

Miss Me Women's Rae-7 Oxford


Dental Floss - Silk

Flossing your teeth is an important part of daily oral hygiene. Here is a dental floss made of all-natural silk fibers!


Avalon Organic Conditioner

Therapeutic Conditioner with certified rosemary and lavender floral waters, herbal extracts and pure essential oils will enhance hair health with vital nutrients and moisturizers. Pro-vitamins and phytoproteins penetrate hair strands for extra body and manageability.


Laptop Sleeves - Neogreene

Love the squishy feel of neoprene, but hate toxins like VOCs? The green revolution continues with Neogreene, a ground-breaking material that uses the best qualities of neoprene while getting rid of the toxic glues that used to be necessary for holding the material together!


LowePro Terraclime 50

Terraclime is a soft-sided, multi-purpose pouch made of over 95% recycled materials.


Eco Simple Flash Drive - USB

Need an easy green way to transport information? These sleek eco-friendly flash drives are better for the environment because they contain no lead, mercury, cadium or other toxics, and they decompose easier than their traditional counterparts.



The EcoStrip is a power strip and surge protector for your computer and connected devices (printer, scanner, external hard drive) with one important difference: when you shut down the computer, everything else plugged into the EcoStrip is also shut down. This saves energy and saves you money! There's no programming necessary - you don't even need to turn the EcoStrip off.


Insta-Lite Clear Dynamo Flashlight

Be prepared for any emergency. No need to rely on batteries, or solar power. This cool-looking and unique flashlight never needs batteries or recharging. Squeezing the hand grip for a few seconds produces a bright light. Ultra-efficient, it shines for a long time! The clear case let's you see how the charging mechanism works.


Portable Solar Lamp with Radio

This unique model lights your way at home in an emergency or outdoors while camping -- with the power of the sun! Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about replacing batteries or changing a propane tank.

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