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World's biggest polluters won't cut back on fossil fuel

Six of the world's major polluters, who participated in this week's Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (AP6 or APPCDC), have launched a multi-million dollar fund to develop clean-energy, but stressed they will be heavily reliant on polluting fossil-fuels for generations to come.

Wind powered parking garage

If there is one thing, Chicago will never be short of, then it’s winds – that’s for sure. What a clever idea of Greenway to bring this – usually annoying feature – to good use in the new Greenway Self-Park garage with these impressive wind turbines.

Whole Foods moves to renewable energy

Whole Foods Market, a natural food grocery chain based in Austin, Texas, announced that it intends to use wind energy for all of its electrical needs. This will make the company the largest business to use renewable energy in the United States.

What steps are taken by universities to become more sustainable?

In the times of global warming, when the Earth has really ‘heated’ up, the thought that prods everyone’s mind is what ‘more’ can be done to build an environment-friendly and sustainable society. On a personal level, people are trying their best to reduce the carbon-footprint by recycling various products and limiting the use of energy. On the other hand, big companies and organizations are also trying their best to inculcate sustainability and do their bit for the environment.

West Coast Green Symposium on Green Innovation

West Coast Green is the preeminent symposium on green innovation. We’re about scalable solutions for smart communities of the future. A catalyst for what’s coming next. A B-to-B experience that leaves you with more business cards than you can shove into your pants. Join us to be part of the world's largest launch pad for new ventures, products, and social innovations in green.

Water Purification summit

The whole idea of having dirt/germ/pollution free water flowing throughout the environment. Many other phenomenons’ lead from this concept of Purification of water. Water Pollution is the main enemy of this concept, and various campaigns and activists have been organized around the world to help purify Water. Considering the amount of water usage that is under current consumptions, this Concept is of utter Importance.

United Nations Report: Deserts threatened by global warming

A new report, titled "Global Deserts Outlook," has been released on World Environment Day by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The report suggests that the world's deserts face dramatic changes as a result of global climate change: high water demands, tourism and salt contamination of irrigated soils. Desert margins and mountainous areas within deserts that have been important for people, wildlife and water supplies for millennia, are under particular threat, say UNEP.


The EcoStrip is a power strip and surge protector for your computer and connected devices (printer, scanner, external hard drive) with one important difference: when you shut down the computer, everything else plugged into the EcoStrip is also shut down. This saves energy and saves you money! There's no programming necessary - you don't even need to turn the EcoStrip off.

US House committee approves daylight saving time amendment

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee passed an amendment on Wednesday to extend daylight saving time by two months. The bipartisan measure is sponsored by Rep. Fred Upton, Republican of Michigan, and Rep. Ed Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts.

UN scientist: Eat less meat to tackle climate change

Rajendra Pachauri, the chair of the UN-run Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said that eating less meat is a good way to reduce damage to the climate.